Optical Receiver    → 2 Fiber Input Node


  • PHILIPS , PHOTON, SUNLAND optical detector with high sensitivity are used as the part of photo electric conversion.
  • Very low noise module of Philips, Motrola is used at output stage for RF amplification.
  • It provides very high quality of linear frequency response upto 870MHz.
  • There are plug-in equilizer, plug-in output splitter, digital optical input power meter for proper and accurate monitoring the signal.
  • There are case aluminium waterproof housing switching mode power supply with high reliability, strict anti-lightening system to ensure steadily work in the field.
  • It provides very high range of gain control even optical power very from -9 to +2 dBm. Once output level is set there is no variation at all, even optical power changes rapidily.
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